Kaliandra is an established foundation and social enterprise set up in 1997 in East Java, Indonesia. Kaliandra is working with local communities to improve their standard of living. It carries out various community development programmes and supports conservation of natural and cultural resources.

The foundation is located in a 40 hectare estate on the cool and scenic slopes of Mount Arjuna less than two hours south of Surabaya and an hour from Malang. We manage part the site as a certificated organic farm, selling the fruit and vegetables we grow them in the cities to support the foundation. We also work with the farmers from the villages around us to grow organic produce (also certified) and market the produce for them on a fair-trade basis.

Over the years, Kaliandra has developed a strong reputation. We demonstrate our social responsibility by actively organising community development projects, and by direct involvement in environmental conservation activities to preserve the local ecosystem.

A small Eco-tourism Resort and Wellness Retreat has been set up to support the foundation activities:

Kaliandra Eco Resort & Farm

  • Preservation and conservation of the cultural heritage, natural resources and environment
  • To improve the welfare of the local community, by providing them opportunities to improve their income and have more control over their future
  • To organise funding and manage community development projects to provide better infrastructure and facilities for the community
  • To develop businesses which support the overall philosophy of the Foundation and generate profit, and thereby provide funding for the Foundation's activities on a sustainable basis
  • To develop and put in place a strong management team, equipped with professional management skills and practices, with a culture that will support the philosophies and aspirations of the founders


“To enhance income base of the local communities”
  • Community entrepreneurship development programs
  • Social services, provides for social support, and demonstrates sharing income generated
  • Education & training: creates awareness, social responsibility and basic skills


"To promote, preserve and protect natural resources of Mount Arjuna”
  • Mount Arjuna provides water for 22 million people (60%) of East Java
  • Home for high biodiversity, including nearly extinct endemic animals such as Panther, Java Hawk Eagle and Java Black Monkey
  • Pilgrimage destination for 52 old shrines


“To promote & preserve the rich Javanese culture"
  • The Javanese culture promotes balance, congeniality, and harmony between humans and nature
  • The Foundation operates various programs that aim to conserve and strenghten local culture and believes


The Kaliandra Foundation is looking forward to welcoming volunteers for our projects such as community development, conservation of nature and Javanese culture.

We can provide meals and basic lodging with the local villagers which brings volunteers closer to the heart of our projects.

We also welcome any donation that will always be beneficial for the projects.


The Kaliandra Foundation has a long history of successful partnerships with both global and domestic enterprises, universities, NGOs and foundations.

Please contact us for more information about how we can partner with you.


We would be delighted to welcome you at the Kaliandra Foundation grounds on the slopes of Mount Arjuna either for a day visit or a stay in the Kaliandra Eco Resort & Farm that has been set-up to support the Foundation financially.

Please contact us so we can help you arrange your visit.