“To enhance income base of the local communities”
  • Community entrepreneurship development programs
  • Social services, provides for social support, and demonstrates sharing income generated
  • Education & training: creates awareness, social responsibility and basic skills
1. Community Entrepreneurship Development
  • We work in cooperation with 100 village farmers/families in order to produce and market organic vegetables & fruits
  • About 70% of the employees in Kaliandra Eco-Resort are from the surrounding villages
  • Making fruit chips (such as jackfruit bananas, tempe), we provide machines, know how & buy up products from the youth groups of the communities
  • Traditional snacks, cakes made by the women of the local communities – we order these for our customers
  • Raring bees, and bottling honey which is bought from the communities and marketed by the Foundation
  • Coffee planting & production of coffee beans & coffee powder
  • To teach the communities to weave and embroiderry fabric for the local market
  • The recently established Kaliandra Wellness Centre provides further employment opportunities for the local youths; we train them, and now even teach them English. This takes a lot more effort but it is part of our mission and what we set out to do to help the communities
  • Coffee Planting & Production of Coffee Beans & Coffee Powder
2. Social Services
  • Medical Clinic : Doctor & medicine available every Saturday & Sunday, with only a nominal fee of Rp1,000/- per person
  • Workshop on heath issues by qualified doctors, health practitioners (e.g. HIV/Aids, Caring for your Teeth, Family Planning, etc)
  • Financial Assistance to orphaned children for schooling needs
  • Teaching of herbal remedies for common ailments
  • Volunteer programs for set up of home stays & English support by foreign guests
3. Education and Training
  • Entrepreneurship training                         
  • Awareness programs on environmental protection
  • Free training for students of the surrounding villages for Gamelan, protection of environment, traditional dance, & subsidised rates for schools that cannot afford to pay
  • Certification curriculum for job skills: Facilitators for outbound training, housekeeping, F&B, massage therapist
  • Training on batik printing                     
  • English classes for school children                      
CASE STUDY: Organic Farming
  • We work in cooperation with 100 village farmers/families in order to produce and market organic vegetables & fruits
  • Price to farmers about 3x more than what they use to get from middlemen
  • Pay them within 2 weeks whereas previously some do not get paid by middlemen until 90 days after harvesting their crops
  • Sell to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, & direct home deliveries, in Eastern and Central Java and Batam