"To promote, preserve and protect natural resources of Mount Arjunaā€¯
  • Mount Arjuna provides water for 22 million people (60%) of East Java
  • Home for high biodiversity, including nearly extinct endemic animals such as Panther, Java Hawk Eagle and Java Black Monkey
  • Pilgrimage destination for 52 old shrines
1. Reforestation of Critical Forest:
  • Objectiv: To reforest on Mt. Arjuna critical area was burnt as a catchment area and home for wildlife
  • Location: Grand Forest Park (Tahura) R. Soerjo 675 ha
  • Activities: 1. Planting 337,500 pioneer trees such as Kaliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus) and endemic flora such as cemara (Casuarina junghuniana), anggrung (Trema orientalis), tutup (Mallocus moluccana), Beringin (Ficus sp). 2. Reducing of forest fire level until 90 % and build of public awareness to keep the wildlife at Mt. Arjuna
  • Benefit: 1. Decrease water shortage and flooding at Pasuruan District. 2. Rehabilitation of ecosystem for increase vegetation & wildlife population by approx. 20%
2. Restoration of Mountain Springs:
  • Objectiv: To restore and maintain 12 springs at Mt. Arjuna Pasuruan district
  • Location: Grand Forest Park (Tahura R Soerjo) + Perhutani areas = 438 ha on the 2 Subwatershed and rivers where the 12 spring are located
  • Activities: 1. Planting of 109.500 trees, particularly with Bamboo Trees (fast growing & keep the water) 2. Build 300 absorption wells units in Tahura R Soerjo, Perhutani forests land and communities land
  • Benefit: 1. Increase water retention and reduce the landslides in the forest area and floods in Pasuruan District. 2. Revival and maintain 12 mountain springs